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“Your table for two is booked this Friday night at Bel & Brio”

"It was an easy decision to choose Bel & Brio as my first dining out experience in months."

Restaurants and Hungry Diners rejoice! We can dine out again..well, sort of!


Friday the 15th May 2020 marks a special day in the hospitality industry with cafes and restaurants allowed to have ten hungry patrons in the venue.

Combine that with the takeaway, delivery options some venues have implemented and some of us may just have a fighting chance for when this is all over. 

So being the #hungrydiner I am, I was on my quest to book a table for two this Friday night with the new restriction lifted.

I could have chosen many venues to dine at, but, for me, it was an easy decision to grab a table at the fantastic Bel & Brio for my first dine-in experience in months.


Bel and Brio never gave up, never closed during this time and continued to pivot as a business while many venues in the same precinct and city closed their doors. 

Mark, the founding director of Bel and Brio, is a friend and also a Hungry Diner client. In the six years of operation has built a Farm, growing their very own vegetables and have 3500 pasteurized free-range hens (affectionately known as the girls) as part of their wholesome and nutritious approach to food preparation and production. 

All this takes place within their purpose-built Production kitchen where all the products are handmade including, but not limited to, pasta, bread, sauces, and a vast array of ready-made authentic Italian meals reminiscent of Nonna’s much-loved kitchen.

All their food products are available exclusively through our uniquely designed bricks & mortar Italian speciality emporium in Barangaroo.

To be able to preserve the Italian authenticity of their products, and to enable our business to thrive, Mark employed over 90 visa holders from Italy. These employees are not only intrinsic to the professionalism of the establishment, but they are the lifeblood of our organisation as they contribute their passion, loyalty, energy and expertise to every aspect of the business every day, and with good cheer!

It is for this very reason that Mark and the team chose not to close their doors but to retain their workforce intact during this disruptive period, notwithstanding the financial challenges this posed for the organisation.

Accordingly, they have now launched four new online delivery services to cater to all their customer’s needs and enable the business to remain afloat and viable

The services they have been offering since isolation are:

1. Supermarket – Same Day Delivery – Sydney NSW Only

2. 30 min Alcohol Delivery – NSW & Australia Wide

3. Ready-Made Meals – Australia Wide

4. Restaurant Deliveries – Sydney City and surrounding suburbs only

**Click the links to see the great offers, products with discounts. 

On another note, they have been supporting local family-owned suppliers to maintain the quality and ongoing availability of our products. In doing so, they have proudly supported at least 100 other local businesses in the process to remain viable during this challenging trading period.

Thank you, Mark (Mr. Handsome) and the Bel & Brio team, we are so proud of you and I am so lucky to call you a client and friends. 

Here’s to a rock star dinner Friday night! 

Bel & Brio 

300 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9299 9107

Dear Readers,

Please if you can help them out by going online www.belndbrio.com.au and supporting them to sustain their business and retain their excellent and committed staff.



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“Your table for two is booked this Friday night at Bel & Brio”

"It was an easy decision to choose Bel & Brio as my first dining out experience in months."
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