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Spring Street Social

Spring Street Social has a vibe all on it's own. A live music, late night eatery in Bondi Junction.

Asian Tapas Menu Media Launch Hosted by No Comment Media

Spring Street Social showcase their new Asian Tapas menu by Chef Kago with live music, cool vibes, flowing drinks and lots of Sydney’s top foodies.

(Photo Credit: Dallegrave)

My first impression was so welcoming, I descended down the stairs off Spring Street in the vibey Bondi Junction and was greeted by Mitch (one of the owners) with a glass of Champagne and told to “come in and enjoy”.

(Photo Credit: Dallegrave)

To my left there was a band setting up with a female vocalist and the room was filled with some very familiar Sydney foodies and friends.

(Hungry Diner Photo)

The event was organised by Mr. Entertainment himself, Ricardo, the founder of No Comment Media and hosted by the amazing team at Spring Street Social.

They really planned every element of this event carefully, from the vibe, guest list and talent.

No Comment Media and Spring Street Social are an amazing collaboration and I was so impressed by it all and hope they do future events.

You need to think of Spring Street Social as a late night eatery with live music, great share food and epic cocktails. Perfect for a birthday, date night, solo drink or with your friends.

Some of the photographs in this post are from my iPhone 8Plus, but there are also a some by the photographer on the night Gui Dallegrave who I must give credit too under each of his images (thanks mate).

Below is the welcome speech by Ricardo founder of No Comment Media. Please excuse the sound quality and cheesy wink at the end, but I wanted to give you an idea of how the night started.

(Hungry Diner Video)

The asian inspired finger food did not stop coming out from Chef Kago’s kitchen, I was one of the first at the pass as the heat lamp was perfect lighting for all us foodies fighting for that perfect Insta-worthy shot.

Below is the wagyu tataki, pork buns and a more than Insta-worthy table of unique delicious asian tapas.

(Hungry Diner Photo)(Hungry Diner Photo)(Hungry Diner Photo)

Chef Kago is an expert at modern asian cuisine, Kago is a rock star chef with years of culinary experience.

Kago has been around fresh seafood from an early age living on the outskirts of Hong Kong at Tseung Kwan O.

So it was no surprise to me when I returned to visit the venue a few weeks later that he had an array of seafood ready to serve

(pictures of my return visit are at the end of the post)

(Photo Credit: Dallegrave)

Live entertainment on the night:

  • Live band and vocals from the very talented Eloisa Cullington who embodies the sound of nu-jazz
  • The uber-cool Sydney born DJ and producer DJ Jade Le Flay  
  • Hungry Diner AKA Mick with his failed dance move
(Photo Credit: Dallegrave)
(Photo Credit: Dallegrave)
With Zero shame I insert this video of me trying to dance to Jade Le Flay on the beats and fail my pre-rehearsed hat move, miserably.

Thank You Team!

Credit and appreciation to Mitch, Chris, Andy, Benny (Bromance), Gisele, Daisy, Kago and the whole Spring Street Social team for a great menu launch.

You all should be very proud!

(Photo Credit: Dallegrave – Pictured above – Andy, Chris and Mitch, owners Spring Street )
Lastly, thank you to the very cool Ricardo from No Comment Media 
Please check his website and give this guy a follow, I have loads of time for Ricardo, he is leading the charge in his field and is a very cool hombre.
(Hungry Diner Photo)
Below was my return visit to Spring Street Social a few weeks later to celebrate my wedding anniversary.

It was also awesome not having to share the food with 50 other foodies 😉 haha

(Hungry Diner Photo)
Wagyu Tataki.
(Hungry Diner Photo)
Alakan King Crab in home made XO sauce.
(Hungry Diner Photo)
Raw king prawn with head butter in Chef Kago’s special sauce.
(Hungry Diner Photo)
Cocktail name: Your Ex’s Favourite

Spring Street Social

110 Spring St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022

(02) 8667 5395


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