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Laura Carson from the Prince of York

"Times are changing, so we are too."

Here is a sneak-peek at one of our special guests on “The Hungry Diner Show” next week, the fabulous Laura Carson from Prince of York located at 18 York St, Sydney.

Laura is the Marketing & Growth Manager at The Prince of York.

Laura Carson

Via their website:

“Times are changing, so we are too.”

A multi-level city wine bar isn’t what Sydney needs right now, so we’re bringing quality dinner & drinks to you, along with some great tunes to keep you entertained while in iso. We’re safely creating jobs for our employees while lifting the spirits of as many people in our city as we can.

Food, drinks, music all here. Cook at home and full party packs available.
We’re here for you Sydney, anything you need please just let us know and we will make it happen.

– The Prince of York team

Bio on the venue:

Prince of York is (usually) a trendy wine bar and restaurant based in the heart of the city.

The beautiful multi-story venue is equipped with plush velvet booths, a semi-private dining room and its very own resident DJ decks in Pamela’s lounge that just keeps the good vibes flowing.

Open for lunch and dinner, Prince Of York is your one stop shop for a true hospitality experience.

Who is Laura Carson:

Originally hailing from London, Laura Carson boasts a wealth of experience both locally and internationally in the ever-growing hospitality industry. Her experience and knowledge traverses key hospitality attributes that lead to the successful execution of a business. From the conception of an idea, to the day-to-day running, Laura has a unique, consumer focused skillset. Laura prides herself on her ability to create long-standing meaningful relationships with clients that has resulted in a loyal following based on her ability to execute a vision.

Laura found her footing in the hospitality industry in London working for the Caprice Holdings Group (Sexy Fish, The Ivy, Balthazar) fronting their leading venues and overseeing world-class events. Carson is able to conceptualise a vision and make it into reality, this shines through her ability to not only develop a brand from scratch but assist in the re-branding of businesses in need. Her skill of being able to adapt to different markets has allowed her to work and study across the globe.  She then took this experience and passion to Sydney, Australia to continue expanding her portfolio and honing in on her skills in a fast growing market. From 2012 Laura undertook a host of roles with Applejack Hospitality (The Butler, Bopp & Tone, The Botanist). Here she expanded her expertise to marketing and branding where she facilitated in the company being recognised as a brand rather than separate entities. Most notably, Laura was at the helm of their newest and biggest venue, Bopp & Tone, by creating a successful event program that saw events across the group grow exponentially. The undercurrent to Laura’s success within the Sydney market is her ability to create long-lasting client relationships who continue to shadow her career transitions.

Laura has experience hosting corporate events, private functions and private catering on a small or large scale. Her experience throughout all facets of business has equipped her with an unparalleled knowledge of opening, running and sustaining a successful business in the hospitality industry. Laura’s love for the fast-paced, customer focused and energetic industry, is exemplified through her ability to create memorable experiences that sees the return of her client’s time and time again.

Laura was approached by the Good Quality group (Prince Of York, Little Shack, Hotel San Francisco) to join in the venture and bring her creative flare into the creative agency, which is where she is based now.

Laura Carson


What Laura does at POY:

I was brought the business by the founders Paul & Andy as a fresh set of eyes into the 6 month old venue. I work alongside them in their hospitality creative agency as well as in the marketing, sales and events department of The Prince of York. My role is also to assist in the re opening and branding of the venue once the pandemic has subsided.


Challenges the POY has faced:

We were one of the first CBD venues to jump on the Cook @ Home delivery and take away options and I am so thrilled that we started to do this before the restrictions started to take place. Being in the city, our weekly day time trade was made up of corporates, whereas the evenings were filled with young professionals and hospitality workers the like who want to go to a venue to drink great wine, eat delicious food and have an amazing time. We have had to adapt our whole business to not only keep some of our team employed but also remain open. POY is one of the only CBD venues to remain open for take away and delivery. It would be different if were were in Bondi where there is constant food traffic, social isolation or not! We understand that the whole industry has taken a hit which is devastating and we can only do what we can to support small businesses and all of our amazing restaurants and bars in Sydney.

We offer Cook @ Home packages such as: whole 4 cheese lasagnes, pasta date nights, chicken dinners the lot! Not only this but our incredible team has created the incredible Margalita and Margalighta (a skinny version for those who have indulged a little too much over this time), we have turned our venue into a Bottle Shop offering exquisite wines and free growler refills for all hospitality and frontline health care workers.

We are always trying to find new ways to keep our business alive and give back to the local community. We have been proving meals to the frontline health care workers at Royal Prince Alfred hospital for the past 3 weeks. Daily our chefs create meals with funds donated by a Go Fund Me Page created by the amazing Nagi behind Recipe Tin Eats.


Prince of York at your place:

Mothers day with POY

Cook at Home with POY

Ready to go cocktails with POY

Party at Home with food, booze and music supplied by POY

Drink wine with POY


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