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Hungry Diner

La Boca Bar and Grill

La Boca is a #hungrydiner dream.⁣

“Livin La Vida, La Boca”⁣



There is no better setting I love more than the crackling sounds of an open fire, open kitchen, the smell of multiple roasting mouth watering-meats, cocktails, good wine and the guarantee that the night will finish with churros.⁣

The team at La Boca thoughtfully scratched every culinary itch that exists within my foodie soul and heart. ⁣

Thanks to Chef Anthony, Silky, Renae and the Stamford /La Boca Bar and Grill team for seeing our entire Argentinian experience right through to that last bite of the last surviving churro. ⁣

A special mention to my long-time friend, Mikey, he was an epic host last night, he’s also the F&B Manager at the Stamford and has been with the Stamford family for over 13 years (as long as I’ve known him).⁣

The 10 step process to a happy #hungrydiner: ⁣
🔥 Empanada’s ⁣
🔥 Provolone Croquette’s⁣
🔥 Traditional sausages sample⁣
🔥 Grilled squid ⁣
🔥 8-hour wood-fired South Australian Lamb, free-range pork and beef ⁣
🔥 Wood-fired meats, including free-range pork, lamb asador, skirt steak, traditional pork sausage and saltbush lamb sausage⁣
🔥 300g’ Entraña’ Skirt Steak <–EPIC!!!!!⁣
🔥 300g 42 DAY DRY AGED Sirloin⁣
🔥 Traditional Corn & Pumpkin Hotcake with Grilled Mushrooms and Salad⁣
🔥 Churros with Caramel Fondue⁣

Fellow Carnivores:⁣
@m1k3y1 ⁣

I put this venue in my top 3 for the year! ⁣

Why? See above! ⁣

If the above is not enough, those that follow my culinary journey know that I’m a social, barbaric carnivore that loves an open kitchen and a big, bold booze selection. ⁣

La Boca is a #hungrydiner dream.⁣

“Buen Provecho”

La Boca Bar and Grill ⁣
241 O’Riordan Street⁣ (under Stamford Plaza)


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